How long can a gun go without cleaning?

How long can a gun go without cleaning?

The subject of gun cleaning frequency is widely debated among hunters, as it remains a crucial aspect of hunting safety.


The importance of guns

Firearms provide a sense of security for hunters in a way. The firearm can play the role of protecting the hunter if the gun is used smoothly. Firearms are like life to hunters, so hunters will clean the guns carefully after using them.


The impact of a gun without cleaning

For a gun, there will be some residual gunpowder in the interior of the firearm, the bore, the firing pin, the barrel, and many other places after shooting, and the remaining gunpowder residue may jam the bolt and prevent the bolt from being pulled. Guns can become obstructed by various materials such as dust, dirt, oil, blood, or water while hunting, which lead to barrel blockage over time. If it goes without cleaning for a long time, it may cause a certain degree of gunpowder accumulation. It can hurt the use of the gun, which may result in shooting malfunctions. The brust barrel even exploded in severe cases, so it is dangerous to wipe the firearm rarely.


How long can a gun go without cleaning?

Different people will give different answers to this question. Some people argue that guns should be maintained after every use, while others suggest maintenance frequency depends on the number of rounds fired. Actually, how long can a gun go without cleaning needs to be decided according to the situation.


Depends on the number of rounds fired

If you enjoy hunting or shooting and use your gun almost every day, you should clean the gun depending on how many rounds you fire. After firing 60 rounds, it is crucial to clean your gun carefully. It will help keep your gun from the dirt and debris that accumulates after each shot and causes malfunctions or other problems.


When you come back from the field or the shooting range, at least clean the barrel with a barrel cleaning tool, and wipe the outer surface of the gun with a gun cloth. Use a gun-cleaning brush to remove dust and grit from behind the ejector and other hard-to-reach places. After three days, you can wipe again and put a thin layer of oil on the gun to prevent rust. If you shoot a lot of bullets, it's a good idea to use a gun cleaning kit to clean your gun.


Depends on how often you use a gun

If you shoot frequently, cleaning your gun as often as possible will keep it safe and reliable. If you do not use your gun often, clean it every once in a while. Experts recommend detailed cleaning of firearms every 3-6 months.


Depends on where the gun you store

If your firearm is put on a table or shelf and exposed to the air, it can become covered in dust with ease. In this case, you should regularly wipe the dust off the surface, and clean the internal parts every few months. But for the sake of your firearm and your safety, it’s best to put your gun in the gun case. When your firearm accidentally gets in the water, you should quickly scoop it up, use the patch to dry it, disassemble the gun, and inspect and clean each component. In the wet weather, you also need to clean your gun to avoid getting rust. Guns that spend most of their time in storage cases will still need proper maintenance, but you won’t clean your stored guns as often as the firearms you use.


Depends on the age of your gun

Many modern guns are designed ready to shoot and don’t need to be cleaned first. If you are buying a used gun, it’s a good idea to disassemble and clean the firearm before you use it. And the frequency of cleaning should also depend on how often the firearm is used. If your gun is an antique gun for collection and is too old to be used anymore, you can wipe it down every few months.


This article analyzes how long a gun can last without cleaning from multiple factors. For the proper use of your firearms and the safety of people, please clean your firearm according to actual condition.

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