What is hunting explain?

What is hunting explain?

As a traditional and new passion sport, hunting is increasingly taken after well by young people. Since hunting is not a popular activity, the vast majority of humans, know little about hunting. Now let's talk about what hunting explains.

Origin of hunting

Hunting originated in primitive societies when people had to use simple weapons to attack wild animals to obtain food and defend their tribes. Modern people have also found weapons in the ruins, including stone axes, and swords.

Definition of hunting

Hunting is defined as All the use of a variety of hunting equipment such as sets, clips, cages, nets, cellars, scissors, wood pressing, hunting guns, hunting dogs, etc., or other methods to hunt wild animals, develop the resource for the wild animals, are called hunting activities. It is important to note that legal hunting is not the same as indiscriminate hunting. Hunting itself is a way of protection, in the case of not endangering the survival of species and not violating the wildlife protection laws of the host country, you can raise funds for wildlife protection through hunting activities, which is called "take from animals, use for animals".

Hunting – the main source of funding for wildlife management

Income from hunting activities and equipment is the main source of funding for maintaining wildlife management and is also one of the funding sources for publicity and education on wildlife protection. Part of the money that hunters spend on taxes and fees for buying guns, bullets, and hunting licenses will go to the wildlife protection department for wildlife protection. The data on which animals can be hunted and how many can be hunted each year comes from the scientific tracking, analysis, and statistical work of wildlife protection departments. As a mature international activity with standardized management and high ecological compensation benefits, hunting can play a significant role in stimulating the protection of natural resources and wild animals, effectively raising protection funds, promoting the economic and social development of hunting areas, and improving It can also play a positive role in promoting the livelihood of residents, raising awareness of conservation, and participating in conservation undertakings.

Hunting – the sport of the strong

Hunting used to be the most significant production activity for the survival and development of human beings. Today, hunting has evolved into the most culturally profound modern sport, together with equestrian and golf, known as the three aristocratic sports. Hunting is an opportunity to demonstrate one's mettle, as hunting is an inherently dangerous activity. Hunting tests people's wisdom, courage, and perseverance. Hunters love nature, integrate into wild, and personally experience the relationship between nature and humans.

Hunting - a tool for wildlife management

"International hunting" is regarded by the International Wildlife Conservation Organization as an activity in which foreign hunters go to the destination country, the target is one or several kinds of wild animals, and foreign hunters are willing to pay a certain fee to obtain some type of experience or trophies. In Western developed countries, organized and planned hunting has become a vital and effective means of wildlife management. International hunting is a hunting activity carried out at a specified time, place, and limited species, quantity, and method under the premise of maintaining the population number and structure. Due to the limited number of animals that can be carried by a habitat, and human activities affecting the migration of animals, many animals will have no natural enemies in certain areas. The behavior of hunters at this time helps to control the size of the animal population within a healthy range, eliminates the old, weak, sick, and disabled wild animals, helps to purify the population, reduces the spread of diseases and fearless competition among animals is beneficial to wild animals Reproduction and maintenance of stable the number of people.

Hunting is a process of getting along with nature

Through hunting activities, hunters are familiar with the living habits of biological species and animals and experience the relationship between nature and human beings. In the face of different living environments, they will get different wild survival and hunting experiences.

Hunting is a test of human physical strength and willpower

Hunters usually endure unimaginable hardships. Sometimes they set out before dawn in search of prey, and after long journeys and patient hiding, they finally succeed in hunting. How indescribable the excitement and excitement was.


The above introduces some basic knowledge of hunting, if you have a strong interest in hunting, I believe our website can satisfy you.


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