Why do people like hunting?

Why do people like hunting?

Hunting has a long history, from hunting with spears, stone tools, and other tools in ancient times to hunting with shotguns today. And hunting is becoming more and more popular among people nowadays, so why do people like hunting?


Take Exercise

Hunting is tough, and not everyone returns with a fruitful harvest. Hunters often go into the wild to hunt for hours but find nothing. When people embark on a hunting trip, they cannot but change their comfortable lives and experience danger.


Hunting usually requires walking long distances. Especially in winter, hunters have no choice but to walk on foot in the vast snowfields. Not only do they have to endure the cold, but they also have to face the inconvenience of walking in knee-deep snow. The most untoward thing is that the hunter is experiencing the limits of his body, but he doesn't know when the prey will appear. When a hunter sees a large prey but finds it difficult to deal with it, the hunter needs to challenge himself and find a way to hunt. Only after experiencing this kind of training will you feel that your usual problems are nothing. Let us learn to have firm beliefs and never give up on progress.


Manifest Ability

Trophy hunting is the hunting of carefully selected animals for entertainment with official permission from the government. Hunters often target large animals such as rhinos, elephants, lions, pumas, and bears. The animals killed are brought home as trophies by hunters, such as lion skins are used as carpets or displayed on walls. Trophy hunting is also known as the game of the rich, who pay a high fee to hunt. The hunter's purpose is not to acquire prey and sell, but to enjoy the fun of hunting, chasing, and keeping the prey as souvenirs, to show off social status, and to brag about personal skill achievements.


Close Connection With The Wilderness

Hunting can make us closer to nature, explore a variety of creatures in nature, and broaden our knowledge. When hunting, the more sunlight we absorb, the more vitamins our bodies produce, and the immune system is enhanced. At the same time, hunting can be close to nature. Many organic compounds in plants release plenty of substances that are beneficial to the human body. These substances can activate and increase the levels of white blood cells in our immune system, which increases the ability to fight off viruses.


Get Fresh Meat

The meat purchased in supermarkets must through a series of procedures in the slaughterhouse before being transported to supermarkets for sale. Moreover, most of the meat now is genetically modified food, and the nutritional content has changed, so the meat quality is not very good. However, the prey obtained by hunting all grows in forests or grasslands without excessive pollution. After hunting, you can take it home and cook it directly.


Promote Kinship Or Friendship

Hunting alone is not recommended because it is difficult to get help if we are in danger while hunting. So it's usually done in groups so you can spend more time with your family or make more friends. Hunters can chat about hunting, share hunting experiences, and spend time with family or friends while waiting for their prey to appear.



When hunters hunt, they will forget the trivial things in life and enjoy the pleasure of killing animals. Our body's autonomic nervous system is responsible for regulating the various functions of our body system, controlling and regulating the activities and secretion of organs, blood vessels, smooth muscles, and glands of the body. The autonomic nervous system is composed of two parts: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nerve controls the stress response and can effectively deal with it when facing pressure. At the same time, the sympathetic nerve will also play a dominant role in the face of chronic stress and produce passive effects on the human body, such as the excessive secretion of cortisol, which we often say. The parasympathetic nerve promotes the realization of functions such as gentle rest and digestion in the human body, and it can be simply understood that the parasympathetic nerve makes the human body more comfortable and relaxed, and the stress level lower.


Life Lessons

Hunting is also a life course. You can learn a lot of knowledge in hunting. This knowledge is not only applied to hunting but can also be applied to many things in life and plays a crucial role in our lives. It teaches us to be patient, respect nature, and face difficulties bravely.


The above content analyzes that people always like hunting for some reasons: hunting can hone themselves, obtain trophies, contact nature, obtain fresh meat, promote family ties or friendships, relax, learn to understand life, etc. I hope everyone can have more fun hunting.

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