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Shooting Adhesive Rifle Targets Splatter Reactive Human Paper 10PCS

Shooting Adhesive Rifle Targets Splatter Reactive Human Paper 10PCS

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Shooting Adhesive Targets Splatter Reactive Human Targets

ITEM NO.: WMP74042
PACKAGE: 10pcs/pk
Size: 9.5"x14.5"

1.Produce a colored ring around your hits as "splattering" which let you see your hits instantly.

2.Attach the target to any surface.

3.Self-adhesive! High strength reactive adhesive blast targets stick to almost anything and anywhere in any temperature.

4.New silhouette target that will burst bright fluorescent yellow upon impact, spend more time shooting and less time checking your target.

5.High-strength adhesive targets stick to almost anything at any temperature. Each sheet has 10 replacement patches, including 4 new bull’s eyes to extend the life of your target.

6.High visibility splatter targets make it easy to see your shots at a distance, no more wasting time walking downrange to see your shots.

7.Perfect for all firearms and calibers, including; Airsoft, BB guns, pellet guns, air rifles and even shotguns. Can use indoors or outdoors, short range or long range.

Our delivery warehouse is in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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