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Gun Bore Snake 3-in-1 Shotgun Rope Cleaner

Gun Bore Snake 3-in-1 Shotgun Rope Cleaner

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TOB Gun Bore Snake 3-in-1 Shotgun Rope Cleaner

 Shotgun rope cleaner includes a bronze brush, designed to efficiently clean away stubborn fouling. Shotgun rope cleaner for 12G 3-in-1 kit bronze brush with string & patch holder/screw lock & gun cleaning rope.

Made of hardy material and stitched with precision to stay intact, this bore snake is a long-lasting accessory. Its brass bristles' strength withstands repeated use.

This rope cleaner offers the same functionality as other products ,the circular design allows for quick and easy cleaning of the bore; no need to repeat the action.

This lightweight device fits easily into your pocket; ensuring it is always on hand when needed. Its caliber number is clearly marked on the tip.


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